What's included in our Investing Academy?

The Investing Academy is an online platform for beginners seeking advice and direction on how to master the stock market. Below are the 2 pillars of our community:

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Online Training Course

The complete guide for beginners looking to get started with investing in Canada. 

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Membership Group

Stay up to date with my investing journey as I document my personal portfolio and upcoming trades. 

Step-by-Step Video Lessons on setting up your account

Walking you through click-by-click how to open, fund, and navigate your investment account. 

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100% Transparent Portfolio access + trade calls 

Take a look into my fully-built portfolio for holding ideas and inspiration. Live trade calls included. 

Master The Fundamentals

Basic terms, investment strategies, dividends, index funds (ETFs), portfolio building - We'll cover it all. 

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Purchase of training includes a lifetime subscription to our Private Membership Group. 

- Every enrolled student will receive a coupon code  - 

Ready to become a Student?

Watch our FREE case study to learn more about our Investing Academy. We screen all students prior to enrolling to ensure they are a good fit for the program.  

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