The complete online video training course for beginners in the stock market in Canada. 

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Canadian Focused

Lessons custom tailored for the Canadian investor, eh.

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Amazingly Simplified

Clear and easy to understand topics and instructions.

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Meet like-minded students in our Discord chat. 

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Great Support

Private email for ongoing support.

This Course Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Investing

The Stock Market Investing Course For BEGINNERS will take a first time investor through the entire process of learning the terms, stratagies, setting up their accounts, developing a unique strategy/plan and building their own personal portfolio on Questrade. 

The course will guide you click-by-click through the world of investing , this includes opening & navigating your investment accounts, even transferring your existing mutual funds over from the bank. 

What You'll Learn: 

✓  Learn the Basic Terminology  

✓  Investment Strategies

  Dividends, Index Funds & More

  RRSPs, TFSAs & Best Platforms

✓  Setting Up Your Account

Over 55+ Video Lesson, Downloadable Content & Spreadsheets

Enrolment In Training Includes A LIFETIME Subscription to Our Private Stock Market Membership Group

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Purchase includes lifetime subscription to Private Stock Market Membership Group

All enrolled students will be provided with a coupon code upon enrolment. 

Step-by-Step Video Walkthroughs

Walking you through click-by-click how to open, fund, and navigate your investment account. 

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Master The Stock Market With Our 5-Step Process

How it works: 

Our course is structured with a step-by-step pathway to follow. 

You can enter this course with absolutely zero knowledge of the financial/investing space and leave with and a full understanding of the stock market and a completely built portfolio.


+ LIFETIME Subscription to Private Membership Group

Enrolled students will be provided with a coupon code to waive the fee on the Private Membership Group.

This includes trade calls, portfolio access & Discord chat. 

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- Students will be provided with the Coupon Code once inside of the Course - 

+ Join Our Private Community To Ask Questions

 Meet other Investing Academy students in our live Discord chat. Ask questions, share ideas & learn from one another. 

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Does this course sound right for you?

Want to learn more about the course? Unsure if it is right for you?  Click the button below to check out our FREE case study and start the application process. 

We screen every student prior to enrolling to insure they are the right fit for our program. We are building a community of Canadian investors and we want to insure that we are growing it with the right types of people.

We'd be happy to take 30 minutes explaining the ins & outs of our Investing Academy.

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