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What's Included In the Brandon Beavis Investing Stock Market Membership Group?

INSTANT Email Updates Sent Directly To You!

When a trade is placed, you will immediately receive an email stating the entry price, the size of position, and a detailed write-up on why the purchase was made. 

Portfolio Access

100% Transparent. Group members receive a completely transparent look at my personal investment accounts. See the exact weightings and positions. These are updated on a monthly basis.

Research Reports

Bi-Weekly. Group members will be given access to the exact sources that I use to complete my due diligence. We will highlight a company every other week. I'll lay it out plain and simple for you to understand!

Exclusive Private Email Access INCLUDED!

Got any questions? Group members will be provided with a private email only available to members.

"So thankful for the membership group - Brandon has been amazing with his responses to my (many) emails and I'm doing well on the first 3 positions in my portfolio. Happy member here!"

Martine E.
New Investor

"Joined since day 1 when it was still named Brandon's Buys.. Loving every minute of it and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Been a great help."

Landry P.
New Investor

"Top notch stuff as expected. Had been investing for 2 years prior to the group without really knowing what I was doing. Took the leap into Brandon's group as I was enjoying keeping up with his YouTube channel. Shortly after joining I realized just how out of whack my investments really were. Said goodbye to the penny stocks and the portfolio is getting better and better by the day. Keep it up, bud!"

Donny G.

"Been investing for 9 years and I'm glad to be part of this group. Second layer of assurance is always nice. Strong stock picks."

Michael M.

"100% Recommend!!! love from Toronto - OG Supporter - Raptors XD"

Matt C.
New Investor

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