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The Stock Market Investing Course For BEGINNERS is the complete online training course for anyone interested in learning about investing in the Stock Market. We'll cover the basics, the fundamentals, investment strategy, dividends, ETF/Index fund investing, and so much more!

At the end of the course we have a section dedicated to Setting Up Your Account, where you'll follow along with my screen as we go in and actually purchase your first investments. 

This course is meant to be more than just information as we actually apply the knowledge we learn and take you step-by-step to having your accounts set up, and getting you started on your investment journey. 

Oh yeah, you'll also get receive a LIFETIME subscription into our private membership group as part of signing up!

45+ Video Lectures

Available on all devices and platforms, including tablet and mobile.

LIFETIME Membership Subscription

Lifetime access into our Private Stock Market Membership Group.

Bonus PDF Included

Portfolio Builder Spreadsheet, Asset Allocation Cheat Sheets and More available for download. 

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Full Course Curriculum

Lecture 1 - Why investing is like an oak tree + building a house

Lecture 2 - Why invest?

Lecture 3 - Before you invest

Lecture 4 - A successful mindset

Lecture 5 - The big picture

+ Additional lectures added over time

Lecture 1 - Expectations

Lecture 2 - Stocks vs Bonds

Lecture 3 - What is a stock? And how to profit with stocks (Capital Gains/Dividends)

Lecture 4 - How to read a stock quote

Lecture 5 - Compound interest

Lecture 6 - Basic stock terminology

Lecture 7 - Saving vs Investing - Whiteboard animation

Lecture 8 - Your financial projection

Lecture 9 - Risk & reward and understanding volatility 

Lecture 10 - Asset allocation

Lecture 11 - Diversification 

+ Additional lectures added over time

Lecture 1 - Why long-term investing is fool-proof

Lecture 2 - Growth investing vs Dividend investing vs Value investing

Lecture 3 - Buying the dip & Dollar-cost averaging

Lecture 4 - Why market crashes are buying opportunities

Lecture 5 - Technical Analysis

+ Additional lectures added over time

Lecture 1 - Mutual funds/ETFs (Exchange-traded funds)

Lecture 2 - Understanding Fees (MERs)

Lecture 3 - Individual Stocks

+ Additional lectures added over time

Lecture 1 - Understanding dividends

Lecture 2 - Finding good dividend stocks

Lecture 3 - Dividend yield vs Dividend amount

Lecture 4 - Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)

+ Additional lectures added over time

Lecture 1 - Choosing your broker

Lecture 2 - Choosing your investment account

Lecture 3 - Setting your asset allocation

Lecture 4 - Building your portfolio w/ETFs

Lecture 5 - Building your portfolio w/Stocks

Lecture 6 - Building your portfolio w/Stocks pt.2

Lecture 7 - Purchasing your first investment

+ Additional lectures added over time


Lecture 1 - How to research stocks

 Lecture 2 - Rebalancing 

 Lecture 3 - Understanding Market Capitalization

Lecture 4 - Understating Price-to-earnings ratio

 Lecture 5 - Sunk Cost Fallacy & Loss Aversion

+ Additional lectures added over time

Final Lesson - Course Wrap up + Additional Learning Resources

Research Report Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the enrolled student can prove they have successfully completed the course and are still unsatisfied with the results - A full refund can be issued. 

Due to the confidential nature of the content included in the course, there is no 30-day money back guarantee. This is to avoid people exploiting a "free trial/sneak peek" of the course with no real intention of purchasing the training.

The course can be completed at your own pace. The online training modules can be completed as quickly or slowly as the enrolled student desires. Once the student has completed their payment in full, they will receive lifetime access to the course and membership group and can access the training modules at any time through the student dashboard. 

All standard forms of payments are accepted, i.e., Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) or PayPal. All payments are processed through Stripe, the world-wide standard for E-commerce transactions. Cash is not accepted. 

Questions about the course? Feel free to reach out at [email protected].


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